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In the area that surrounds the Wash there has been many famous people that have played a major part in shaping Great Britain as we know it today, Boston in Lincolnshire, claim to fame is that the original Pilgrim Fathers set sail from the port to Leiden in Holland and then later on the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth to the new world today known as the United States of America.  To-day Boston England is closely related Boston in the USA , this was due to  John Cotton the vicar of St Botolphs Church in Boston Lincolnshire,  who after persuading much of his congregation to emigrate, himself emigrated to establish Boston in the new world.


Legend had it that Dick Turpin a 18th centaury highwayman stopped in Long Sutton Lincolnshire on his fictional 200 mile ride from London To York lending the name of Swapcoat Lane & Dick Turpin Way in Long Sutton.


Sir Peter Scott resided in the Light House on the southern side of the estuary to the river Nene at Sutton Bridge.  Wisbech in Cambridgeshire was the birthplace of Thomas Clarkson who played a major role in the abolishment of slave trading in England.


Kings Lynn in Norfolk and the surrounding district was an is the home of many famous people, in yesteryears it was them birthplace of Horatio Nelson best remembered for the battle of Trafalgar.  Sir Robert Walpole who became the first Prime Minister of England, George Vancouver RN who named Vancouver in Canada after himself whilst looking for the Northwest Passage.  In more modern years Diana Princess of Wales, her life ended in a tragic car crash in Paris France on August Bank Holiday 1997. Today Martin Brundle Ex Formula one racing driver and now broadcaster lives just outside of Kings Lynn.



Sir  Peter Markham Scott  CH, CBE, DSC, FRS, FZS 

British Ornithologist - Conservationist - Painter - Naval Officer  14th September1909 - 29th August 1980,


Famous naturalist, writer and painter made his home in the lighthouse at Guys Head on the southern side of the River Nene at Sutton Bridge/Wingland. Peter Scott was also recognised as one of the founders of the World Wildlife Fund.


Peter Scott an only child was Born in London on 14th September1909 to Robert and Kathleen Scott,  His father was the leader of two discovery expeditions to the Antarctic the second of which was  ill-fated on which  he meet his death in March 1912. Peter Scott was educated at Oundle School and Trinity College Cambridge  in 1936 Peter Scott won a bronze medal representing Great Britain & Northern Ireland at sailing in the Olympic Games.


Peter Scott was awarded the DSC (Distinguished Service Cross) for his bravery whilst serving in the navy during the second world war and was knighted in 1973.



Pilgrim Fathers

In 1607 a group of religious separatist lead by William Brewster and William Bradford of Scrooby in Nottinghamshire later to become known as the Pilgrim fathers, tried to set sail for Holland from Boston to escape  religious  persecution, they were betrayed an imprisoned in Boston Guildhall and in 1608 after release, they successfully  managed to reach and settle in Leiden Holland. 


In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers finally set sail via Southampton and Plymouth to the new world from Leiden in Holland to land on the shores of America  in the depth of winter. 


John Cotton 29th December 1585 - 23rd December 1652 who was the vicar of St Botolphs church (Better known as Boston Stump) persuaded many of his congregation to emigrate to the new world and join the Massachusetts Bay Company he later helped to found the City of Boston emigrating himself in 1633.


Thomas Clarkson born in Wisbech Cambridgeshire  28th March 1760 -  died 26th September 1846 in Playford Suffolk.

Instrumental in the abolishment of slave trade and implementation of the Slave Trade Act of 1807


Thomas Clarkson was born in Wisbech, he attended Wisbech Grammar School where his father was the headmaster, in 1775 he went onto St Pauls School in London and then onto St Johns College in Cambridge, in 1783 he received his BA, he then went on to be ordained as a deacon in the Anglian Church but never proceeded to priests order, instead devoted his life along with others, to abolishing slave trading in England.


HRH The Princess of Wales. 1st July 1961 - 31st August 1997

Diana Frances Spencer was born at Park House, on the Royal Estate at Sandringham near Kings Lynn, Diana was a descendant of Charles ll of England,  in her early days she attended Silfield School on Gayton Road Kings Lynn then Riddleworth Hall in Norfolk, Diana married Charles Prince of Wales 29th July 1982 at St Pauls Cathedral in London the couple had two sons Prince's William (2nd in line to the throne)  and  Harry, Diana and Charles divorce became final on 28th August 1996 just one year before she was declared dead after a fatal car crash  in Paris in the early hours of August 31st 1997.


Captain George Vancouver RN.  22nd July 1757 - 10th May 1798

Captain George Vancouver was born in New Conduit Street  Kings Lynn, he joined the Royal Navy and served as a midshipman aboard HMS Resolution under James Cook on his second voyage  1772 to 1775 to Australia and also Cook's third voyage 1776 to 1778 on HMS Discovery that explored  the Hawaiian Islands.


In April 1791 Vancouver sailed to explore the pacific regions in the hope of finding a northwest passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific, on 29th April 1792 he entered strait of Juan de Fuca which lay between Washington State and Vancouver Island, after extensive navigation and mapping of the Pacific coast line and it inlets and rivers,  in November of 1792 Captain Vancouver named the main island in the estuary of the Hudson River  after himself Vancouver Island and as it is now known the City of Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. Captain George Vancouver determined that the northwest passage did not exist.


Martin Brundle  1st June 1959 -

Martin Brundle was born in Kings Lynn,   Martins racing career began at the age of 12 competing in grass track racing at Pott Row a village just outside of Kings Lynn whilst working in the family garage business Martin progressed his racing career with the aid of his father John, firstly to Hot Rod racing then onto formula Ford,. In 1980 he won the BMW championship, 1981 saw him partner Sir Stirling Moss in the BP/Audi team, then moved into formula 3 in 1982 and formula 1 in 1984.  in 1998 Martin moved from formula 1 to World Sports Car racing which by 1991 he had won the  world sports car championship, The Daytona 24 hour for Jaguar. Martin returned to formula one in 1992 until 1996.


Martin  Joined the formula one commentators in 1997 for ITV presentation of the formula one racing show, in changed over to the BBC in 2009  when they were awarded the broadcasting rights, Martin still lives near to his native Kings Lynn in the village of Gayton with his wife Liz and their son and daughter.


Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson 1st Viscount Nelson 1st Duke of Bronte  29th September 1758 - 21st October 1805

Horatio Nelson was Born in  the Rectory at Burnham Thorpe in Norfolk, he joined the Royal Navy on the 1st of January 1771 as an ordinary sailor and coxswain aboard HMS Raisonnable commanded by his uncle, he quickly became a midshipman and commenced officer training. By 1805 Nelson had progressed through the branks and is perhaps best remembered for by the battle of Trafalgar and Nelsons flag ship HMS Victory. Nelson was bought back to England for a state funeral and his body was laid to rest in St Pauls Cathedral.


Roger Meddows-Taylor 26th July 1949 -

Roger Meddows-Taylor born in Dersingham near Kings Lynn became famous as drummer for the pop group "Queen"


Indian Princess Pocahontas  1595  -  21st March 1617 (Later known as Rebecca Roffe)

Pocahontas was the daughter of a Virginia Indian chief, she helped the early colonial settlers at Jamestown where she converted to Christianity and married an English settler John Roffe. In 1616 the couple travelled to England they settled in Brentford Middlesex and then at John Roffe's family home in Heacham Norfolk, in March of 1617 the couple planned to return to Virginia but she became extremely ill on reaching the Thames and passed away on the 21st March 1617, it is said that the funeral service took place at Saint Georges Church in Gravesend and whilst the grave site remains unknown her memory is honoured by a life size bronze statue at St Georges Church.



Sir Robert Walpole 1st Earl of Oxford  KG KB PC 26th August 1676 - 18th March 1745

Sir Robert Walpole  British statesman regarded as being the first Prime Minister of Great Britain, was born at Houghton Hall near Kings Lynn, educated at Eaton College and at Kings College Cambridge, Robert Walpole had planned to become a clergyman but abandoned his plans after his older brothers death in 1698  as he then became heir to his fathers estate.


In 1701 Robert Walpole won the parliamentary seat for Castle Rising, in 1702 he won the parliamentary seat for the Borough of Kings Lynn a seat he would retain for 40 years. in 1705 Walpole was appointed as a member of the council for the Lord High Admiral. after a varied political career and a six month spell in the tower, Walpole was made First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1715. In 1732 George ll offered Walpole a personal gift of No 10 Downing Street, Walpole accepted the gift but only on the basis that he would use it as an official residence of the First Lord of the Treasury a position held only by the Prime Minister, Walpole took up residency at number 10 on 22nd September 1735. it should be noted that the government under Walpole's administration still remain the longest in great Britain Sir Robert Walpole 1st Earl of Oxford was fondly nicknamed "Fat old squire of Norfolk"  by both his friends and detractors.


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