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A message from our founder


Hi there, my names Robin, 


I was bought up in Kings Lynn at a time when a chip was something that we eat with fish, a ram was a male goat, a web was what a spider weaved, a gig was a pop concert,  a megabyte was  a large mouthful which we was likely to choke on, a hit was when someone punched or slapped you and bite was what we took out of an apple , maybe the spelling has changed but so has the meaning in every day life.  I can remember the Russians leading the space race and the US putting the first man on the moon, In the sixties I worked on the infancies of computers, when they took up a complete top floor of a building, yet had less ability than the sophisticated pocket calculator of today.


My first computer was a Sinclair ZX which I think that I still have some where and the first BBC was little more than a word processor, that was around the early eighties since then the computer has gradually become the sophisticated piece of equipment it is today.


Today the computer makes real,  the things Jules Vern wrote about like space travel and undersea exploration, what was fiction has become fact, mainly due to the computer.


 From  household equipment and the most sophisticated machinery, now, all rely on a computerized chip in one form or another, who would have foreseen years ago that the majority of population would be walking around with such small cell phones capable of  receiving or sending not only voice but data  information almost any where in the world.  Every day  modern technology brings us something new.


The computer has  taken over every day decisions,  I can foresee in years to come our address at our place of residence will become an extension of our email address, we are already starting to receive correspondence, invoices and statements online, plus we are able to bank and pay on line. 


The Internet has become one of the most powerful marketing, referencing and communications tool in today's world, we have in our pc more knowledge than a  library,  but computers are  still in their infancy and still has many flaws to iron out.


Search engines still lead to frustration, albeit that they are getting better, that is when we know the information we are looking for is there but  three or four pages later it is still not available  and yet totally irrelevant web pages are listed which have nothing to do with the search criteria we entered.


Frustration remains a common problem with the Internet trying to obtain the information required, and this has bought about Best.UK.Net Limited, the problem is, there are in cyberspace billions of sites with real information that we are all looking for, we have tried to make it simple, by building a site that not only contains the local information we seek, but also point the end user in the right direction to find the information on the world wide web through hyperlinks.


Best.UK.Net Sites have been designed with a few basic rules in mind:- We know where we live, we all need local information at times, when we travel we know our destination, we don't always know about our destination such as places to eat, drink, stay or things to do when we get there,  the internet is used to try and obtain this information, different users demand different information so we have designed our site around these basic facts, not only do we list local information, but we offer all types of links on a national and international basis.


Within two or three clicks of entering our site you can find everything from a local plumber, shop or book a holiday online, to  who's who in any government around the world. Our sites are designed by ordinary people for ordinary users, you do not have to be an expert to use them.


Travel & Tourism is by far the largest slice of the internet in terms of users & revenue, but many sites have lost sight of the type of information that people seek, most of us have a thirst for knowledge, most of that knowledge we look for is on the internet somewhere, we are attempting to make that knowledge available without having to plough through countless searches,  simply by  hyper linking to relevant sites  our aim is not to eliminate search engines but try and offer an alternative route to that information on a local basis.


Regards to you all

Robin Williamson

Chairman & Founder of Best.UK.Net Limited



Best.UK.Net Limited was founded initially  in Kings Lynn PE30- Norfolk - England


Our team would like to thank the visitors and residence of Kings Lynn

for their assistance in our initial market research about their requirements